Sewer Service

A well known large-scale fraudulent business in the United States is the sewer service system. The sewer service phrase is used by individuals in the legal field when referring to process servers who intentionally failed to serve legal documents to party litigants. This occurs when the process server does not serve the legal notices or documents to the person to whom the service is to be made either because no effort was exerted to find the defendant or the process server never really served the document.

Consequences of Sewer Service

Due to this fraudulent scheme of process service companies, a huge number of party litigants ended up being cited in contempt of court or losing a case due to the party’s non-appearance.

Sewer service caused litigants to lose thousands of dollars on court decisions citing them in default. This occurs due to the insensitive tactics employed by process servers who do not perform their contractual obligation to serve court notices. These irresponsible and fraudulent practices are menaces to court procedures.

Victims of this scam often challenges the validity of the service either by proving that the receiver’s signature is forged or by showing proof that they are not in any way evading service and can be easily found in their residence or place of work. This back tracks the proceedings of the case or may be rendered futile if the court refuses to take into consideration said defenses especially if the court has already rendered judgment.

How to Avoid Sewer Service

Sewer service, in plain language, is service thrown in the sewer. In order to avoid this inadvertence, party litigants should carefully search and choose process servers who have been certified or appointed in their jurisdictions.

Judicial Process and Support has a very good track record in the business of serving process. The company has been in the business the last ten years and has never been unsuccessful in its duty and obligation to its clients. Serving thousands of legal documents a year, the company has maintained its goodwill in the business of serving process. The company guarantees to undertake all measures and available means in order to effect service correctly.

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Finally, please take a brief moment to view the clip about a process serving company who was charged and arrested in 2009 for conducting well over 100,000 sewer services.

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